Cinematic trailer shared from Just Cause: Mobile

There is a cinematic trailer from Just Cause: Mobile, the game specially prepared for mobile by Just Cause, one of the popular series of the game world.

A trailer was shared from Just Cause: Mobile, the new game of Just Cause, the popular video game series published and developed by Square Enix, developed specifically for mobile devices.

The new video of Just Cause Mobile at the Square Enix presentation held recently is a cinematic trailer. You can watch the trailer below. The store pages of the game have not been opened yet, so unfortunately more details are unknown.

Just Cause Mobile, which is expected to be released this year, will be released free of charge for iOS and Android.

There will be 4 different modes at the release of Just Cause: Mobile. These are: In a story mode featuring well-known characters from the Just Cause series, you will fight against the forces of Darkwater as a member of a secret program called Firebrand. In another mode, online competitive mode, 3 different teams of 10 people will be formed and you will try to keep your base safe with your teammates.

The third mode is a co-op mode that supports up to 4 people. In this mode, you will do the task given to you together with your friends. The last mode is the challenge mode. In this mode, you will be able to test your own abilities.

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