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Chip shortage also hit network equipment

Problems in chip production have also spread to the network equipment industry. While production time doubles in the supply chain, companies have difficulty keeping up with the demand.

Network Nedir?

Both companies and countries have rolled up their sleeves in order to solve the problem of chips that keep the whole world on their toes by the end of the year. Nevertheless, we will feel the impact of the distress in many sectors until then.

It’s time for networking equipment

We can say that today there is no electronic device that does not use chips. The use of chips has become a critical factor in almost all industries, from the automotive industry to the computer industry, the white goods industry, the mobile device industry and the wearable device industry.

When the chip shortage started, the automotive sector, where instant planning and ordering were very important, seemed to be affected, but today all sectors are affected. One of them is network equipment.

According to the information received, Zyxel announced that it was unable to keep up production due to excessive demand. The production of the company’s router products in the supply chain has increased from 30 weeks to 60 weeks. So the shipping date is almost doubled.

The demand for routers is excessive, especially due to issues such as online games and distance education. Problems in production can also be reflected in prices. In short, it seems like nobody is comfortable until the chip crisis is resolved.

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