Chip crisis at the door, computer prices will rise

When gamers struggled to purchase new graphics cards last year, the first signs of the problem were received. Apple has delayed the release of the new iPhone model, and the latest Xbox and PlayStation game consoles have had a hard time keeping up with demand.

This year, while cryptocurrencies and equipment used in mining, coronavirus epidemic, production problems came to a halt in some places.

Global chip crisis at the door, prices may rise

The demand for everything, including computers, graphics cards, phones and even the automobile industry, increased, and problems began to arise in the supply of the necessary chips.

The Taiwan-based TSMC firm, the world’s largest chip maker, was already struggling to meet the demand, now its job is even more difficult. Because the water crisis that started in Taiwan, that is the drought, has upset all plans for chip production.

Technology editor Erdi Özüağ talked about the latest developments in the chip crisis and what awaits us in the upcoming period on his YouTube channel.

Chip factories have great difficulty in accessing the water they need for production, which directly delays all plans. Curfew restrictions around the world led to an explosion of demand in electronic devices such as computers and game consoles, and manufacturers who had problems in supply, production and distribution due to restrictions were unable to keep up with demand.

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