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Chinese cryptocurrency miners enter the race to sell their graphics cards

After the drastic measures taken by the Chinese government for cryptocurrency mining and the drop in cryptocurrency prices, Chinese miners are trying to sell their graphics cards.

Last month, the Chinese government imposed tight restrictions on cryptocurrency transactions, forcing many mining farms to move or shut down and sell their hardware .

Gaming laptops have also fallen to the second-hand market

This important development also played a big role in reducing the prices of graphics cards . According to recent reports, the price of the GeForce RTX 3060 in China has dropped to as low as $270 (1760 yuan) .

The price stated is valid if a large lot is purchased. However , according to the information received , this price will soon be valid for single or small purchases, not bulk purchases . In addition, these cards are expected to go on sale outside of China.

RTX 3060 gaming laptops purchased for mining farms have also fallen into second-hand markets. Miners charge about $1,000 for such a laptop .

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