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China reopens coal mines to meet growing energy demand

China’s top planning authority has announced that coal mines will reopen due to the increasing energy demand in the country, despite being ambitious in tackling climate change.

The National Development and Reform Commission announced on Wednesday that it will resume production at 15 mines in China’s northern regions, from Inner Mongolia to Shanxi. Increasing energy demand was cited as the reason for this.

Last week, authorities announced that 38 mines had been restarted in Inner Mongolia. With this week’s, the total number rose to 53. The annual production capacity of these mines exceeds 110 million.  

However, President Xi Jinping promised to be carbon neutral in 30 years, saying he would turn China away from coal and demanded that coal mines begin to be closed. The decision to restart the mines taken in the last two weeks has also caused controversy in the country and around the world.

China is the world’s most ” polluting ” country and causes one-third of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions .

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