China is by far ahead in vaccination: 17 million doses a day

In China, Covid-19 vaccine studies continue at jet speed. The Asian country, which applied about 500 million doses, vaccinated 17 million people yesterday. 

China has significantly increased its coronavirus vaccine studies in recent months. According to the data announced by the Chinese government, 466.69 million doses of vaccine have been administered so far . Records were broken in a row in the number of people vaccinated daily, and 17 million people were vaccinated in the last 24 hours .

The majority of the vaccines administered to citizens by the Chinese Health Commission are Sinopharm vaccines, and the remaining share is Sinovac vaccines. 

On Friday, April 30, the daily limit of 10 million was exceeded for the first time. It is aimed to exceed the 20 million mark in the next few days. China is far ahead of other countries in terms of vaccination speed. It ranks first in both daily vaccination and total vaccination.

When we look at the daily vaccination rankings, we see that the USA and India follow China. On May 20, 1.83 million doses of vaccine were administered in the USA and 1.36 million doses in India. These two countries were administering over 2 million daily vaccines at the beginning of the week. Turkey makes about 250 thousand doses of vaccine per day.

Number of doses administered in 24 hours (May 20)

CountryNumber of Doses per Day
China17.18 million
USA1.83 million
India1.36 million
Brazil807 thousand
Germany685 thousand
United Kingdom527 thousand
Italy484 thousand
France480 thousand
Mexican428 thousand
Canada363 thousand
Spain347 thousand
Japan342 thousand
Russia340 thousand
Poland301 thousand

Total number of doses

CountryTotal Dose
China466.70 million
USA279.40 million
India187.89 million
United Kingdom58.49 million
Brazil55.96 million
Germany43.55 million
France30.88 million
Italy29.41 million
Turkey27.08 million
Russia25.17 million
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