Cardano (ADA) Passes USDT With New Record

ADA reached its all-time high of $ 1.83 on Sunday.

Cardano (ADA) hit an all-time high of $ 1.83 on the Binance exchange on Sunday.

The altcoin Cardano (ADA), which has made a name for itself with its recent deals, continues to show an accelerated rise as it reaches a new peak on Sunday. ADA’s all-time high was in the $ 1.70 band before it started plotting the bullish chart. The record-breaking rise of the popular altcoin started on Saturday.

The price increase experienced also affected the total market value of ADA. Considering the data provided by; The popular altcoin, whose market volume reached $ 57.8 billion in total, surpassed Tether (USDT), which has a market volume of $ 56 billion , and ranked 6th on the list of most valuable cryptocurrencies.

Cardano is Actively Growing

ADA, the native currency of the Cardano blockchain, continues to show a price increase. The record high today began to develop after Cardano’s parent company, Input Output, announced a partnership with World Mobile Group.

With this partnership agreement, it seems that Cardano’s partnership examples in African countries such as Tanzania and Ethiopia will increase.

Cardano CEO Charles Hoskinson had previously mentioned the company’s roadmap. Admitting that the company missed the five-year goals set for the project, Hoskinson said, “Of course I am a very optimistic person. I tend to underestimate engineering and scientific complexity, so we haven’t quite reached that milestone we had to reach. 2021 is a year of overflow when we have met in the last five years and achieved everything we could have dreamed of. ” said.

Also, recently Cardano ecosystem a description by the first stablecoin (fixed crypto currency), which has announced that it plans to launch ageusd’y. The stablecoin, designed with a special algorithm, will be used to reduce exposure to volatility in the cryptocurrency markets. Stablecoins are becoming increasingly popular in the cryptocurrency industry and are increasing in variety. It seems that AgeUSD will add more value to the Cardano blockchain ecosystem in this process.

Cardano currently has a roadmap set by 2025. The Voltaire update will be the last stage of this roadmap. According to the Cardano roadmap, Cardano’s Voltaire era will provide the final pieces needed for the Cardano network to become a self-contained system.

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