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Capcom Investigation into stolen data from has been completed: 390,000 people are thought to be affected.

It was announced in recent months that the data of the popular game company Capcom was stolen. The investigation into the theft has been completed and some new details have emerged.

Popular video game company Capcom, which publishes many games such as Resident Evil, Monster Hunter and Street Fighter, has been attacked by software in recent months and a lot of information has been leaked. After the attack, an investigation was launched into Capcom.

It was reported that the investigation was concluded the other day and some new information emerged. As a result of the investigation, it was announced that no credit card information of any user, customer or employee was stolen. It was also added that there is no risk since the credit card information is kept in a separate system where the attack did not occur.

However, when we look at the other shared details, we can see that the attack was large. The number of people whose accounts are definitely compromised is 15,649. However, it was announced that the number of people whose information could be endangered as a result of the attack was 390,000.

Information stolen includes names and emails. It was also said that addresses and phone numbers were stolen for Japan.

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