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Boston Dynamics’ robot dog Spot took part in military training

Boston Dynamics’ robot dog Spot, one of five robots that took part in the training of military school students in France, was used for exploration purposes.

Boston Dynamics’ robot dog Spot took part in the training of Saint-Cyr military school students in France. Spot, one of the five robots that took charge, performed various reconnaissance missions during the two-day training.

Run out of battery during a task

Different missions were assigned to each robot for three different scenarios such as an offensive action aimed at capturing an intersection, defensive action during the day and night afterwards, and city combat. School commander Jean-Baptiste Cavalier announced that robots were included in the trainings in order to measure the contribution value of robots in war.

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The trainings were carried out in two stages. First, all tasks were implemented without robots, then with robots. In this way, comparisons could be made between the two situations. According to evaluations, tasks performed with robots took longer, but were more reliable than tasks performed without robots.

During one of the missions that Spot performed, the robot dog ran out of battery and could not perform its mission. This situation enabled the soldiers to form an idea to use the robot dog more efficiently.

They don’t want the Spot to be armed

Michael Perry, vice president of business development for Boston Dynamics, told The Verge that the robot dog was supplied to the French army by Shark Robotics, a European distributor, and the US firm was not informed in advance of its use.

Perry also said the company has strict rules prohibiting customers from arming the Spot, but that would not prevent the military from using it for reconnaissance missions.

The robot dog Spot was previously sent by the New York Police Department to a building where armed attackers were thought to be hiding in a house break-in.

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