Boston Dynamics introduces its new robot for warehouse automation: Stretch

Boston Dynamics, which has made a name for itself in robotics, has designed a new robot for warehouse automation this time. Stretch stands out as a versatile robot with its fast, reliable and mobile structure.

Boston Dynamics introduced Stretch, its new robot designed to meet the demands of warehouses and distribution centers. Unlike most of the existing warehouse automation technologies, Stretch has a much wider variety of uses with its mobile structure.

The new robot of warehouses: Stretch

Boston Dynamics’ new robot Stretch consists of five basic parts. First of all, the mobile base at the bottom allows the robot to move easily within the warehouse, as it is approximately the size of a standard pallet. The battery, one of the other basic components of the robot, has enough energy for a shift. The robotic arm with 7 degrees of freedom allows the robot to perform many tasks without displacement, by providing access to long distances and a large working area. With its built-in sensing and active control features, the smart gripper can securely hold a variety of package types while operating at high speeds. The perception pole, which is the last component of the robot, enables fast and precise situation detection in any situation with advanced detection.

Stretch, with a weight of 1,200 kilograms, can move 800 boxes per hour. Boston Dynamics announced in a press release that the new robot will help the company gain a strong foothold in the logistics industry and support the growing demand for flexible automation solutions in the logistics industry.

For now, the prototype Stretch, Boston Dynamics hopes to make it commercially available in 2022.

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