Bosch builds 1 billion euro chip plant

In the midst of the global chip crisis, Bosch, with the support of the EU, is establishing a 1 billion Euro chip production facility. Chip production will begin in July.

Although we hear the name Bosch mostly in the white goods sector, its role in the automotive sector is very important. Bosch patents are used in almost all internal combustion engines . The company, which is also experienced in chip design, is making a huge investment in Germany. 

Bosch chip plants

The company announced in a statement that it will establish a giant chip plant with an investment of 1 billion Euros in the city of Dresden . ASIC systems, known as application-oriented circuits, will be produced in the chip facility, which has an area of ​​7200 square meters.

Power management chips are expected to be produced first in July. More capable car chips will hit the lines in September. The company announced that it will work with 300mm wafers, which is a significant improvement over the 200mm plates it has used so far. 

The company thinks that the automotive chip segment will enter a rapid growth in the coming period. In this respect, the investments will bear fruit in a short time. In line with its production plans, Bosch was able to receive a grant of 200 million Euros from the European Union. 

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