BNB Registered A New ATH


The third-ranked digital currency BNB, which is the token of the Binance exchange and also powers operations on the Binance Smart Chain, has reached a new historic high, exceeding the $ 654 price level   .

In addition, BNB’s market capitalization currently amounts to $ 100 billion. However, this is not yet good enough for BNB to make it into the top 100 assets list with the largest market capitalization; The 100th place is held by Charter Communication, with a market value of $ 144.97 billion.

Shell and Shopify comes in at $ 145.52 billion and $ 146.94 billion.

On Saturday, May 1, BNB surged to an all-time high of $ 641 a few days after announcing it was launching its own market for NFTs in June.

That day, BNB added $ 2 billion to its market value, reaching $ 97,102,482,232.

Ethereum rose to a new historic high on the same day, and today ETH registered two new ATHs , the most recent of which was $ 3,140.

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