BNB increased to $ 630

With the effect of the incredible growth of the BSC network, the BNB crypto coin has passed the $ 630 limit today. CAKE coin hovers around $ 26. Interest in the platform is growing.

Binance’s own currency BNB, one of the most important exchanges in the crypto world, has limited pushing. Especially with the popularity of the Binance Smart Chain network, BNB has also seen historical peaks.

BNB breaks record after record

Investors gave up as the Ethereum network became heavier, especially due to DeFi projects, and the single transfer fee increased to levels of $ 20- $ 30. In the Binance Smart Chain – BSC network, much lower transfer fees brought an important opportunity.

The BSC network has come to the fore, especially with the Pancakeswap platform. Pancake platform, where investors buy CAKE cryptocurrency and make a share either through locking or by contributing to liquidity; It also hosted new projects. Called Initial Farm Offering, the interest grew enormously as the related money exploded in the sales of this project.

Farm projects such as mushrooms started to emerge in the BSC network, which can be used independently. The reproducible structure of the Pancake platform has enabled hundreds of projects to appear on the same interface.

The BSC network unexpectedly grew with these developments. The total investment locked in on Pancake alone reached $ 8 billion. In the entire network, more than 2 million transactions are processed daily. Projects that were previously on the Ethereum network are also gradually transitioning to BSC.

BNB takes advantage of this growth very well. Transfer fees in the BSC network have been reduced significantly in the past few days. This had a positive effect on the network. BNB, which was on the rise with the month of April, climbed over $ 630 today. Considering that it was $ 200 in mid-February, it earned its investor more than 3 times in just 2 months.

The CAKE coin also continues to grow. Also, CAKE, which was $ 12 in February, is currently at the $ 26 mark. Thus, it has saved 30 times since the first time it started to move. BNB will continue to rise as there is a great power behind it.

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