Black Widow comes straight to Disney Plus: Here’s the release date

Disney made a surprise announcement today that the new Marvel movie Black Widow will come directly to Disney Plus. According to the announcement, Black Widow will be released in cinemas and on Disney Plus simultaneously on July 9. Those who want to watch it on Disney Plus will have to pay an extra $ 30.

Disney also announced that another big movie of this year, Cruella, and the new Pixar animation Luca will also arrive directly to Disney Plus. The movie Cruella with Emma Stone will be released on May 28, again at a price of $ 30. It is stated that Luca can be watched on June 18 at no extra cost.

Broadcasting Black Widow directly to Disney + will be a first for Marvel. Disney wanted Marvel movies, its biggest brand on the big screen, to remain exclusive to theaters. However, due to the uncertainty of the future of the industry due to the endless pandemic period and the great success achieved by Disney +, unexpected decisions are starting to be made.

No explanation has yet been made on how to release other Marvel movies Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and The Eternals, which are expected to be released this year. According to the success of Black Widow, new decisions may be made for these films. Shang-Chi is scheduled to air in September and The Eternals in November.

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