Binance will list Coinbase’s (COIN) tokenized stock

Coinbase went public and stocks began to be listed. Coinbase’s competitor Binance has announced that it will list the tokenized version of its Coinbase share.

Having announced that popular stocks will be tokenized and opened for trading very recently, Binance announced that after Tesla, the tokenized version of Coinbase shares, which is well known by the crypto money market, will also be listed on the platform. In the written statement made on the Binance front, the following statements were made:

“Binance will list the Coinbase Share Token (COIN) on 14.04.2021 and make the COIN / BUSD trading pair available. Users will be able to buy and sell decimal amounts of Coinbase shares through Binance.”

What Are Binance Stock Tokens?

With Wall Street’s giant companies starting to buy Bitcoin, leading cryptocurrency exchanges began trading by tokenizing the shares of popular companies one by one, that is, converting them into a representative cryptocurrency. The last platform to join this frenzy was the popular cryptocurrency exchange Binance. Binance announced today that it will also list the shares of Coinbase, one of its biggest competitors.

Binance, which is preparing to list the shares of popular cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, also tokenize after Tesla shares, stated that investors will be eligible to earn economic returns, including possible dividends, as in traditional financial markets.

Tokenized shares can only be traded during trading hours. However, China and the other restricted Binani of users residing in jurisdictions can not buy and sell their shares have been your token.

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