Billionaire Mark Cuban Says Dallas Mavericks Will Be Delighted to Adopt Cardano (ADA)


As Cardano set a new ATH with $ 2.45, another billionaire caught the attention of another billionaire

While Cardano set a new ATH for $ 2.45, it caught the attention of another billionaire: Mark Cuban.

The owner of the Dallas Mavericks recently questioned the utility of the fourth largest cryptocurrency in tweets and urged IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson to present the project to him.

“Where do you use ADA on a daily basis? How should I or can I use it today? I should be able to answer this for all the cryptocurrencies I have. “

Cuban has already dealt with Bitcoin, Ethereum and the meme cryptocurrency Dogecoin , but it is the first time that he mentions Cardano.

When asked whether Dallas Mavericks will accept cryptocurrency, the “Shark Tank” server tweeted that if the payment processor BitPay was added, it would be “happy” to sell with ADA .

“Not Doge, Not Easy”

Hoskinson, who created Cardano after parting ways with Ethereum, recorded an explanatory video for Cuban:

“This is a big ecosystem. This is a complex issue. Not the Doge. Not easy. This is not a single thing. “

Hoskinson suggested that the ecosystem currently consists of more than a million people:

“What can you do with your ADA today? You can export assets, buy wine, stay in hotels (more than 50,000 locations). Billions of dollars’ worth of ADA moves on a daily basis… Unlike Ethereum, you can vote with it… ”

Hoskinson covered the shortcomings of Ethereum for most of the video . He called it a “dying monopoly” , drawing attention to scalability issues .

The IOHK boss also praised the importance of partnership with the much talked about Ethiopia, which he said lasted more than five years.

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