Biden took the first concrete step against the chip crisis

Preparing a $ 150 million budget arrangement, the White House aims to establish a production innovation institute in the country that will focus on chip production.

The Biden government is also starting to take concrete steps against the chip crisis, which has started to scorch countless sectors such as computers, graphics cards, mobile devices and white goods, especially in the automotive sector.

The First Budget Arrangement was made

The government of Biden recently ordered a study of the possible effects of the chip crisis and methods of struggle. This week, the first budget arrangement regarding the chip crisis was implemented.

The budget arrangement prepared against the chip crisis aims to establish two Manufacturing Innovation Institutes. A total budget of 150 million dollars has been allocated for these institutions. One of the institutes will focus on domestic chip production.

The regulation draws attention to the difficulties encountered when there is no chip production in the country. This was the first important step taken institutionally to make the USA a global leader in the chip industry again.

It is not yet clear how the institutes will work or which producers will be provided with a budget. In addition, there will be no direct investment. In this respect, partnership-style studies are expected. Time will tell how much the steps taken will cure the crisis.

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