Bethesda’s high-budget open-world game Starfield, set in space, will not be released this year

One of the most popular studios in the game world, Bethesda’s science-fiction-themed open-world game Starfield will not be released this year, according to Jason Schreier.


Starfield ,  the open world  game set in  space,  published and developed by  Bethesda , was announced in 2018. Unfortunately, almost no details have been shared since the day it was announced. 

The other day, journalist Jason Schreier, one of the important and reliable names of the game world , organized a question and answer event on Reddit. Jason Schreier would satisfy the curiosity of the actors on a subject by giving a simple answer to a simple question he was asked at the event . There were many rumors that Starfield , the science fiction-themed open world game Bethesda has been in development for a while, will be released this year .

Jason Schreir said the game will not be released this year. Of course, this is not an official statement by Jason Schreier , but he usually does not make such comments unless he really knows something. Therefore, we can assume that the game will not be released this year .

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