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Battlefield 2042 brings back the legendary maps of the series

The legendary maps of the Battlefield series return with Battlefield 2042. Some popular maps such as Metro and Caspian Border will be waiting for players in Battlefield 2042’s new game mode.

The exciting wait for Battlefield 2042 , the new game of the Battlefield series, continues. The game’s release is now only months away, and some details that keep the mystery are slowly starting to emerge. EA developers, who made some new statements about the game yesterday, announced that the legendary maps of the Battlefield series will come back with Battlefield 2042.

In the trailers of Battlefield 2042 released last month, a mysterious game mode, the details of which has not yet been announced, was remarkable. According to the information announced, this new game mode will take us back to the legendary maps of the Battlefield series. In the mod created by Ripple Effect Studio (formerly DICE LA) , we will see remakes of old favorite maps . 

No information has been given about the details of the maps yet. However, Tom Henderson, whom we know with his reliable information; Metro says many maps will return, such as Locker and Caspian Border. We do not currently know how changes will be made in the new remake versions of these maps.

We are waiting for the details of the new game mode to be announced at the EA Play event, which will be held on July 22 . Prepared to offer an impressive Battlefield experience in every aspect, Battlefield 2042 seems to have managed to become one of the most eagerly awaited games in the series.

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