Bans are increasing in North Korea!


Recently, new bans have been introduced in North Korea. This country, which was known for its despotic administration before, is increasing the pressure on its citizens day by day.

North Korea has recently passed a new law aimed at eliminating any form of foreign influence. Due to this comprehensive law, foreign films, clothes such as jeans and even those who use slang are severely punished from now on. 

Of course, these pressure mechanisms are not new in North Korea. The country’s general policies are already designed to cut off its citizen’s connection with the outside world. And the legitimacy ground for this is ready: Everything that comes from capitalism is “reactionary thoughts” for leader Kim Jong-Un . On the other hand, punishments often result in death. People who have media elements about South Korea, the USA or Japan before are sentenced to death or 15 years in prison. 

Speaking to the BBC , who managed to escape the country , Yoon Mi-So remembers seeing a man executed at the age of 11 for watching a South Korean drama. He then mentions that everyone living in their neighborhood is obliged to watch each other. Scenes that are largely reminiscent of Orwell’s 1984 dystopia are truly happening. 

Kim Jong-Un also recently published an open letter on the country’s television calling for young people to break down “tasteless, individualistic, anti-socialist” attitudes in society. Undoubtedly, Kim Jong-Un is also trying to provide a civilian force here. 


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