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Bad news from Samsung: 5nm process is troublesome

 It has been learned that the efficiency rate of the 5nm process has decreased to 50 percent at the Samsung casting facilities in South Korea. In times of crisis, this news upset them.

The dark clouds never dissipate from Samsung, which plans to invest close to 20 billion dollars to get out of the global chip crisis in the most advantageous way. Efficiency problems started in the 5nm process. 

Samsung is losing productivity

According to the information from South Korea, Samsung again started to experience efficiency problems in the 5nm production process. As it will be remembered, the same problems have arisen before and the Samsung chip division was very difficult. 

It is stated that productivity problems have begun to affect production around 50 percent. In other words, if there are 100 parts in a wafer, 50 of them are broken. This is not good news, especially for customers. For efficiency to be achieved, the ratio must be 95%. 

Still Snapdragon 888 generates the chipset Samsung also Snapdragon 888+ began production of the chip. In order to balance the efficiency, it is necessary for the company to intervene in the belts quickly.

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