Author of Days Gone: “If you want a continuation of a game, buy it at no discounted price.”

The director of Days Gone, which is currently on the agenda with the first game that came to the PC and the second game that was canceled, made some statements about the games.

Days Gone, published by Sony and developed by Bend Studio, has been on the agenda of the game industry recently. Interesting statements came from the author and director of the play .

As you know, there have been some reports in the past weeks that Sony has canceled Days Gone 2 . The author and director of the first game that left the studio quietly  , John Garvin made some remarks for Sony’s gaming side.

John Garvin in an interview participate, “I want to talk about something of interest to the players even in this case that angered some players. If you like a game bought from him the full price. Player of the few times I received game from discount ‘ I do not know what I just heard the sentence. If a game exit if support continues to complain when the games arrive do not. I personally, I speak as a developer. I do not work for Sony. “ he said. Also, John Garvin stated that Sony cares a lot about Metacritic scores. 

What John Garvin said also explains why many games that Sony did not release the sequel were not released. According to John Garvin, when you buy a game at full price, you directly support the developers. Days Gone’s PC version will be released on May 18th.

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