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Audi confirmed to bid farewell to internal combustion models

Production of Audi’s last internal combustion model will begin in 2026, and there will be no more internal combustion models developed since then. Until 2033, these models will gradually cease to be sold.

Although electric vehicles are frequently criticized for the adequacy of battery technologies and charging infrastructure, the future of the automotive world seems to be shaped in this direction. So much so that many manufacturers announced that they will only sell electric vehicles in the 2030s, and new ones continue to be added to these statements.

This time the subject is electric vehicles and Audi . It was recently revealed in the German press that the automotive giant will completely electrify its product range in the coming years. Not long after, Audi’s boss Markus Duesmann received a statement confirming these news. Speaking at a conference, Duesmann expressed that as a brand, they are ready to make a strong and decisive transition to the electric age.

Accordingly, Audi will not develop an internal combustion model from 2026 . Production of the last Audi model with an internal combustion engine will begin in 2026. After this date, all new models added to the product range in the global market will be fully electric. In this process, while the internal combustion models are gradually retired, the production of the last version will end in 2033. The German brand has a net zero emission target by 2050.

While Duesmann adds that the exact timing of when the internal combustion models will be discontinued will be determined according to customer demand and legislation, the company’s decision for 2033 does not seem to be valid for the Chinese market. According to the statement, since the demand for internal combustion models continues in China, the sales of locally produced internal combustion models in the country may continue after 2033. It seems that in this case, the rules in more countries will be decisive. Especially in Europe, the new emission regulations, known as Euro 7, seem to have intimidated Audi already.

Audi’s all-electric vehicle range is expanding day by day. Since the launch of the E-tron SUV in 2018, the E-Tron GT and Q4 E-Tron models have also joined the team. Next year, the A6 E-tron sedan and the Q5 E-tron SUV will also be launched. 

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