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Atari has changed its mind! They want to make games for PC and consoles

Atari, one of the oldest companies in the game world, previously announced that it wanted to make mobile games. Now he has announced that he has given up on this decision and that they want to make games for PC and consoles.

We know how big a brand Atari , one of the oldest companies in the game industry, has become in its time. Even if we don’t play with Atari consoles especially in our country, we called the NES console Atari because of the size of the brand . Although Atari was such a big company in its time, it has lost its popularity recently. Yet they somehow exist in the gaming industry.

Atari Wants to Make Games for PC and Consoles

According to the news made by recently, Atari now wants to make games for consoles and PC . Atari has previously announced that it will move in a direction where it will make free-to-play games for mobile, and it has moved in that direction. They also focused on the retro side by releasing their new console, Atari VCS . But now their decision has changed. 

According to’s report, the company no longer wants to make games for the mobile side, but for consoles and PC. Atari CEO Wade J Rosen said in a statement, “Our goal in delivering any game is to make games that are accessible, fun and meaningful. That’s the essence of Atari and what connects our history to the future. That’s why making games for PC and consoles really represents Atari’s DNA. We think that’s what’s going on.” used sentences.

Atari’s new game console,  Atari VCS,  also made its debut in the past months, but unfortunately it is in a troubled situation in terms of stock. You can find images of the console and its accessories below.

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