Assertive Quotes from Cardano President Hoskinson


  • Cardano broke the record after the deal with Ethiopia.
  • Cardano CEO Charles Hoskinson made a statement.
  • Cardano has been nominated for a major award in Canada.

After the news that Cardano and the Ethiopian government reached a deal, the popular altcoin ADA, which was on the rise, broke a record. Having a large following in Turkey, ADA reached the highest level in its history by reaching $ 1.70. Cardano CEO Charles Hoskinson also made a statement.

Experienced businessman Hoskinson claimed that May would be a very good month for them. Stating that the last few months have passed with constant updates, innovations, upgrades and activations, Cardano CEO said: 

“May will be a big month for us. We have successfully completed many internal tests. ” 

New Projects Will Be Completed Soon 

Hoskinson stated that more than 1500 people are working on Plutus and the integration process is going very well. Stating that they are exactly where they want to be, the experienced CEO emphasized that Mithril will be showcased at the end of this month. Explaining that Mithril is a thin client protocol, Hoskinson said that the priority of this protocol is high. 

The experienced CEO also added that they increased the budget of the Omega team by $ 1.5 million. Stating that, according to the roadmap, the main goal of the Omega version is to reach a transfer rate of one thousand per second , Charles Hoskinson announced that they will be protected from attacks by creating a scalable ecosystem on the Cardano network. Hoskinson said: 

“We are now the leader in the Proof of Stake (PoS) world. I think we are the most advanced of all PoS protocols. We will also increase Cardano’s research commitments. We will invest about $ 9 million to create private laboratories in the near future. ” 

Charles Hoskinson recently claimed that Cardano would overwhelm all of its rivals. Saying that this will happen in a few years, the experienced CEO likened the Cardano protocol to the “Swiss Army Knife”. Stating that they set out to solve real world problems, Hoskinson; He said that they constantly improve themselves in the areas of sustainability, interoperability and scalability.

Cardano Nominated for the Award 

Very good news for Cardano came from Canada. The AIBC Awards nominated ADA for the Blockchain Solution of the Year award. This great success of Cardano has been realized in the light of the latest developments. The platform recently signed an agreement with the Ethiopian government and World Mobile to develop the region economically and technologically. 

AIBC Awards is a platform to celebrate the technologies and the developers behind them. Voting for the awards will continue until May 16, while the results will be announced on May 25. The AIBC summit is a leading event for growing technologies. Moreover; It brings together thousands of investors and innovators in the fields of financial technology, artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, quantum technology, big data and internet of things (IoT). 

Important News from the Giant Stock Market 

An important news about Cardano came from Kraken , one of the largest stock exchanges in the world, based in the USA . Kraken users can now stake ADA. The giant stock market made such a decision after the interest in ADA has increased in recent days.  

Staking in the cryptocurrency world requires token holders to lock down a certain amount of money based on the Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithm or any other variant. In this way, they get the right to vote, participate in the management of the network and receive rewards such as new tokens. Staking is becoming increasingly popular among investors. Kraken made a statement on the subject as follows: 

“By staking ADA through our exchange, you will be among the community of decentralized supporters helping to secure the Cardano network. 

The Cardano blockchain had recently become fully decentralized. The Cardano community, consisting of more than 1,800 pools, is fully responsible for block generation.

ADA tokens staked on Kraken will be rewarded weekly. The awards range from 4% to 6%, with Kraken claiming this to be one of the highest rates awarded in the industry. 

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