Asks for Lamborghini: surprise offer of 7.5 billion euros


Considering selling Lamborghini, Volkswagen announced at the end of last year that it gave up this decision. However, after the surprise offer, the German producer may change its decision. 

Update: According to Reuters, Volkswagen did not accept the offer and stated that the Lamborghini brand is not for sale.

It is known that Volkswagen Group, which wants to erase the traces of Dieselgate, is in a serious transformation in the focus of electric vehicle technologies. As such, it was said that some brands, including Lamborghini , that did not meet this goal of the giant manufacturer, would be disposed of.

While the uncertainty about the situation in question continued, we received the news that Volkswagen had stopped selling Lamborghini at the end of last year. But now the situation has gotten a little more complicated. Because, according to Autocar’s exclusive report, the German manufacturer received a bid of 7.5 billion euros for Lamborghini . It is not yet clear whether Volkswagen will accept the offer or negotiate with the company that made the offer.

Offer Quantum Group AG is stated to have come from an investment group. The interesting thing is that this group, which is based in Zurich, and hence the offer may have some ties with the Porsche family. That is to say, Rea Stark represents Quantum in this proposal. He is also the founder of Piëch Automotive together with Anton Piëch  . Anton Piëch is the son of Ferdinand Piëch, former boss of the Volkswagen Group, and the grandson of Ferdinand Porsche. But it is not yet clear whether Anton Piëch had a role in this proposal, according to Autocar.

According to the document, the Quantum Group does not want to buy only the Lamborghini name. The entire facility and motorsports operations in Italy are also on the list. In addition, the company wants to sign a 5-year supply agreement with Audi to continue producing the current models. According to the document, the company wants to make Lamborghini a leading brand in innovation by using new and clean powertrain technologies.


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