Apple’s augmented reality glasses will be delayed

The testing process of Apple’s augmented reality (AR) glasses fell behind schedule. The latest information shows that the device is unlikely to go into mass production in early 2022.

Apple has been working on augmented reality (AR) glasses for a long time . It was reported in previous reports that the second prototype of the device will begin to be tested in the first quarter of this year, but there seems to be a delay in the program .

According to DigiTimes, Apple has not yet started testing the second prototype of the augmented reality glasses . The reason for the delay is unknown. With this development, the possibility of the device to enter mass production in early 2022 has been greatly reduced.

How is the design of the current prototype?

Apple’s augmented reality glasses will look like regular glasses, but will include eyeglass lenses with built-in displays where you can interact with movements . The current prototype is said to resemble a high-quality sunglasses with thick bezels that house batteries and microcircuits .

The company would launch the second testing process of the augmented reality glasses in January . At this stage, the engineers would focus on reducing the weight of the device and increasing the battery life . The delay in tests seems to cause the serial production of the device to be delayed for a few months .

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