Apple Watch Saved the Life of a Drowned River


The American teacher, who fell into a frozen river while skating, was able to survive thanks to the Apple Watch.

You may have heard of people who survived or suffered little damage from dangerous situations with the various features offered by Apple Watch. This time the event went down in history as the rescue of William Rogers, who found himself in cold water as the ice broke while skating, thanks to the Apple Watch.

William Rogers, a teacher in the US state of New Hampshire, skated on the frozen Salmon Falls River in Somersworth last week. However, he suddenly fell into cold water as the glaciers in the frozen river broke up. Unable to understand what happened at that moment, Rogers describes the event as terrible. The first thing he did when he fell into the water was to try to get out of the river, but as the ice mass he held on was constantly breaking, he began to struggle in cold water. Then, when there was no one around to ask for help, he wanted to take his phone from his pocket, but he couldn’t.

Rogers, who started to feel the effect of hypothermia after being in cold water for about 10 minutes, thought about what he could do to get rid of this situation by overcoming the panic he was experiencing. He remembered that he had an Apple Watch on his wrist and used the watch’s emergency call feature. When the rescuers quickly arrived on the scene, Rogers was about to faint, and he was able to hold on to life. “This feature of Apple Watch worked and it saved my life,” he said in an interview with a local TV channel after he recovered. If the crews had arrived a few minutes later, the news of death might have sent to my family. ” found in the description.

In addition to coming with various functions such as blood oxygen measurement, heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking, Apple Watch has two main emergency features. One of them is the SOS mode, which is activated when you hold down the Digital Crown button on the watch. The other is the fall detection feature that has existed since the 4th generation Apple Watch. If the watch detects a severe drop while wearing it, the alarm will start to sound and send vibrations to the user’s wrist. If the device does not receive feedback from the user, it automatically communicates with emergency teams and sends the necessary location information. It is obvious that such innovations put the Apple Watch ahead of its competitors.

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