Apple Silicon processors facing patent infringement lawsuit

Among Apple’s patent infringement cases, a new one has been added. Future Link Systems claims that the Cupertino company deliberately infringed its patents on its A and M Series processors.

The company named Future Link Systems sued Apple for patent infringement on Apple Silicon processors that power iPhone, iPad and new Mac computers.

The firm believes that both Apple A and M Series processors have infringed their patents for “improving electronic circuits”.

Future Link Systems, who had a meeting with Apple on the issue, says that the Cupertino company does not take them into account.

In the complaint, it was stated that all Apple devices with A or M series processors, including iPhone, Mac and iPad, directly violated these patents.

He also sued Intel

It is stated that the four patents listed under numbers 6,317,804, 6,622,108, 6,807,505 and 7,917,680 are related to the “circuit design” of electronic devices such as computers and smart phones.

In the meantime, let us remind you that the same company filed a similar lawsuit against Intel in 2017. Intel, for which Future Link Systems claimed $ 10 billion in damages, resolved the patent dispute in a collusion.

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