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Apple prepares to release a portable game console similar to Nintendo Switch

 Apple is allegedly working on a portable game console such as the Nintendo Switch. Moreover, it is said that this console will have high-level graphics performance and ray tracing support. 

According to a post on the Korean-based Clien forum site, Apple is working on a portable game console similar to Nintendo Switch .

According to the information shared, the technology giant from Cupertino is developing a new ARM-based chipset . This new chip, which is said to not be categorized under the A or M series, is said to have improved GPU performance and  ray tracing support . 

Apple may be developing a game console

Apple’s goal of developing this chip is claimed to be a portable game console. Because the importance of the GPU is an undeniable fact as it is the games in question. At this point, although the chips used in iPads and iPhones are very strong, it is estimated that Apple will include an active cooling system in the chip that will be used in the game console, as there are no game-oriented chips .

All this aside , it is among the shared information that Apple is in talks with major developers such as Ubisoft for the coming years . However, it should not be forgotten that all these are not more than allegations unless there is an official statement from the Apple side.

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