Apple plans to use Mac Pro’s grater-like design on iPhones

The design of the Mac Pro, announced by Apple in 2019, was likened to a giant grater and was ridiculed. The company plans to use this design on other devices such as iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

Apple’s new Mac Pro, introduced in 2019, made a name for itself with its astonomic price and appearance. After the launch, users likened the computer’s design to a giant grater, and this was a mockery, especially on social media.

Apple wants to use this design that maximizes airflow and increases durability in its other devices. Especially on the iPhone. A patent application to the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has revealed some important details on this matter.

It is planned to be used in all kinds of devices

The patent disclosure mentions a three-dimensional lattice structure with a sphere arrays pattern. As far as we can see, the frames and back panel of the iPhones will be in the form of a lattice. The company believes this design will maximize airflow, keeping the devices cool even under intense operating conditions.

The images in the patent application show that Apple plans to use this design on all types of devices, including iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

Of course, there is no guarantee that patent applications will turn into reality. Whether the Cupertino giant will carry its grater design to other devices, we will see together in the future. Let’s see if the company can dare to do that.

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