Apple M1 chipset could not get rid of the Chinese

Chinese engineers tamper with the Apple M1 chipset, which offers RAM and NAND memory soldered to the circuit board, and managed to upgrade it by breaking the solder. Moreover, it does not want software updates.

The Chinese engineers who came to the fore with Nvidia overcoming the scratch block on the gaming graphics cards in the past weeks, the current target of the Chinese engineers was the Apple M1 chipset. It was split into chips that Apple combined with a special design.

A Chinese touch to the Apple M1

Apple, which started a new era by switching to ARM-based customized chipsets on the desktop front, also offers the design in a customized way. Since DRAM and NAND memory are soldered on the Apple M1 chip, there is not much chance of upgrading and the configuration must be selected accordingly.

However, Chinese engineers managed to remove the soldered DRAM and NAND memory. Higher capacities have been added to replace the memories removed with a special soldering station. The base Mac Mini model with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage is updated with 16GB of RAM and 1TB of storage.

Engineers who successfully handle this upgrade, which normally requires changing the device, say they do not make any software modifications. Of course, it is not something that every Apple M1 processor device owner can do, but it is important in terms of showing that any hardware limitations used by manufacturers can be overcome in some way.

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