Apple is looking for experienced cardiologists for healthcare products

A new job posting by Apple revealed that the Cupertino giant continues to focus on heart health. The company is looking for a senior cardiologist with technology experience.

Apple is looking for a cardiologist with previous experience in healthcare products and technology to include in the healthcare team. The job advertisement published by the company on the LinkedIn platform shed light on some details regarding this issue.

The new recruit will help Apple bring consumer-oriented medical devices to the market. One of the most important criteria specified for the position is that the candidate has “deep expertise” in the field of cardiology.

Health team will be strengthened

The new staff, who are scheduled to join Apple’s healthcare team, will work with the engineering and design teams on clinical product development. It will also be involved in enforcing complex legal regulations regarding medical devices.

Apple Watch, Apple’s most popular health-oriented device at the moment, has become a major player in the consumer market thanks to its biometric tracking features. The company aims to strengthen its hand in this field by expanding its staff in the health department.

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