Apple doesn’t get enough of records again

Apple, which increased its operating profit by 110 percent compared to last year, witnessed the impressive growth of both iPhone, iPad and Mac sales and software services.

Apple, which broke the industry record with revenues of over $ 100 billion in the last quarter, broke a new record in operating profit this quarter. The services division also continues to break records.

Apple first quarter figures

According to the figures for the first quarter of the new year announced by Apple , the total revenue obtained was recorded as 89.6 billion dollars. There was a 54 percent increase on a yearly basis. Operating profit broke the industry record at $ 23.6 billion, with an insane 110 percent increase.

iPhone sales increased 54 percent to $ 48 billion. The iPhone 12 series did not leave the bestseller list again during this period. iPad sales increased 78 percent to $ 7.8 billion. Mac sales increased by 70 percent to $ 9.1 billion. 50 percent of iPad and Mac sales were bought by first-time users. So the user base continues to grow.

On the hardware side, with the effect of the pandemic, Apple also broke a record on the Services side. The Services division, where all software products are offered, grew by 25 percent to $ 16.9 billion and reached the highest figure. It is stated that only subscription services reached 600 million dollars in this period, and it would not be wrong to say that there is no other company that offers such a large subscription catalog.

Experts are confident that Apple will continue to rise this year. After Steve Jobs, Tim Cook, who was not given a chance, has now reached a value of 2 trillion dollars. The increase seems to continue further.

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