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Apple and Microsoft stocks are also listed on Binance

Following the COIN and Tesla shares, Apple, Microsoft and MicroStrategy shares are also opened to trade on the Binance exchange. Values ​​will be monitored instantly.

Crypto money exchanges are now becoming an environment where world-famous important stocks are bought and sold. Binance, which recently exchanged COIN shares of the Coinbase exchange and Tesla shares as coins, adds 3 new shares.

Apple, Microsoft and MicroStrategy

Binance , which started to sell shares within the framework of regulatory rules, produces and offers cryptocurrencies that represent the current value of a share. Thus, as the value of the share changes, it is reflected in the stock market.

As of today, the shares of MicroStrategy, famous for its Bitcoin assets , are listed on Binance with the symbol MSTR . Apple shares will be listed as AAPL on Wednesday . On Friday, Microsoft shares are listed under the name of MSFT .

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