AnyConsole bridges phone and television


AnyConsole functions like Samsung DeX and allows you to project your screen to the TV with low latency. It also offers top-notch sound quality.

Today, it is now possible to play games close to console quality on smartphones. Those who do not find the screen of their phone sufficient are trying to mirror it to external screens, but there is no common solution on the mobile side.

What does AnyConsole offer?

AnyConsole is a mirroring accessory compatible with all Android phones. With special technologies, games on smartphones can be projected onto the screen with minimal lag, while game controllers can also be connected.

AnyConsole box needs your phone’s hardware power to work. When you connect it to the external display via HDMI or USB Type-C, screen mirroring works instantly and the special interface opens. Afterwards, you can access your applications by plugging your phone into the USB Type-C cable. In the meantime, your phone can be charged.

The apparatus reflects on the screen with a technology called Zero-latency ESM . While it can only offer 10ms latency, it also offers keyboard and game controller support. A special technology based on artificial intelligence learns your finger movements on the screen and simulates it as if you were pressing it. Thus, there is no risk of getting obstacles in the games.

The apparatus capable of projecting up to 4K resolution offers high quality sound through 8W speakers in cooperation with Kali Audio . All mirroring is handled by AnyWare app. AnyConsole, which also has 3 USB Type-C inputs, is available for donations of at least $ 99. Since the project is funded in a short time, it is expected to be implemented in August.

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