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Android 12 can automatically translate apps to your native language

Evidence has been found that the Android 12 operating system, which will be officially announced by technology giant Google in May 2021, will automatically translate applications into the user’s language.

The XDA Developers community announced that they have found evidence that the new version of Android 12 will automatically translate apps.

The function will allow applications on the device to be translated from the developer’s language into the user’s language. XDA Developers revealed this by having a previously unreleased Android 12 build, and in this build, found many new classes related to the new translation service.

Will translate with Google Translate

It is concluded that the new feature allows direct translation of texts in the application’s user interface. It is also possible for Google to make this option special for Pixel smartphones. On the other hand, let’s also mention that the new feature works with Google Translate.

It’s also worth noting that there have been third-party apps in this area that have been offering their own UI translation features such as AllTrans (pictured above) for a long time. Google will officially introduce the new version of the Android operating system in May 2021.

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