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AMD processors dominate scientific systems

With Zen 3, AMD’s presence on the corporate side is also increasing. More and more people in the scientific community prefer AMD Ryzen processors.

The march that AMD started with the Zen architecture in the processor world continues to resonate. Considering Intel’s delay in new technologies, especially on the corporate side, AMD started to rise on the scientific side as well. 

AMD difference in scientific research

Puget Systems, which prepares workstations and servers for scientific research communities, states that the development of AMD processors over the years has been admirable and has also influenced customer preferences. 

The company states that more than half of the systems it recommends to customers are equipped with AMD Ryzen processors. The Ryzen Threadripper series dominates workstations and performance-oriented computer systems, especially thanks to its ECC support. Again, Ryzen processors are also very popular. 

In the coming period, we will see that Zen architecture increases its effect on the server-side. With the new Ryzen Threadripper series, EPYC, and Ryzen 6000 processors, AMD will again make significant progress. 

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