AMD could switch to big.LITTLE-like design on the 3nm Ryzen 8000

While Ryzen 5000 processors could not be found on the shelves at the MSRP price, the first information began to come from Ryzen 8000. It looks like AMD will also switch to the design that Intel will follow.

While the hardware world is feverishly talking about the stock shortage, new equipment continues to be prepared in the kitchen.

As we shared in the past weeks, Ryzen 7000 processors , which we expect AMD to offer in 2023, will come out of the 5 nm node. The most striking detail of the chips that will come with DDR5 RAMs is that AMD will include iGPU in all of its processors.

Ryzen 8000G

According to the latest leak, which has not yet been confirmed, AMD has already rolled up its sleeves for the Ryzen 8000, where it will prefer the 3 nm process . The company, which is claimed to switch to a big.LITTLE- like design, similar to the Alder Lake processors that Intel will offer at the end of this year, will prefer 8 powerful 4 efficient cores for its chips .

It is among the details that AMD has already set its goals in the graphics performance title for the Ryzen 8000G family, codenamed Strix Point , which will rise on the Zen 5 architecture .

Finally, although it is not clear yet, important changes are on the agenda in the memory subsystem of new chips . Let us remind you that the details of Strix Point, which will take its place on the shelves in 2024, will become clear in time.

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