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AMD breaks record after record

 With the acceleration of console sales, the related department has exploded in the first quarter. In this way, it was able to sign an operating profit with increases of up to 274 percent.

Especially with the new Ryzen processor and APU family, AMD made a quick start to the year and started supplying laptop manufacturers such as Dell and Razer for the first time after a long time. This enabled him to break record after record.

Increase continues

According to AMD ‘s new year’s first quarter reports, revenue was $ 3.44 billion and an increase of 93 percent was achieved. On a quarterly basis, there was an increase of 6 percent. Operating profit broke a record $ 662 million and increased 274 percent annually. Net income also increased by 243 percent to $ 555 million.

The Computer and Graphics Department grew 46 percent this quarter, generating $ 2.10 billion in revenue. The average price of the graphics unit also increased and was reflected positively in the overall picture. The Semi-Private and Server divisions, which serve consoles, also grew at a record 286 percent with $ 1.35 million.

AMD, which we can say that it has achieved one of the best quarters, or even the best, owes this to its continuous increase in the number of customers. It adds new brands to the list, from supercomputer systems to servers, consoles and end-user systems.

It is a great success to break such a record in a period when the chip crisis is felt heavily. In the upcoming period, it will continue by increasing the supply of AMD. This year we can see new records from the company.

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