Amazon remains unlucky in the gaming industry: The Lord of the Rings game has been canceled

The Lord of the Rings game, which was announced two years ago, was canceled by Amazon, which could not achieve success despite the money it spent on the game section.

Explaining that it will enter the game world in the past years, Amazon has unfortunately not yet achieved success despite the investments it has made. The latest news shows that they will not be able to achieve this success for a while.

According to the report of Bloomberg, the game named Lord of The Rings Online, announced 2 years ago, was canceled due to the disagreement between Amazon and Tencent. The game is owned by Amazon Game Studios and Leyou Technologies Holdings Ltd. It was developed by a studio called. Tencent recently bought Leyou. In the last meeting between Amazon and Tencent, some disputes arose and the game was canceled.

An anonymous person was contacted from Amazon and the news was confirmed. The team working on the game moved on to other projects. “We love the Lord of the Rings brand. We were disappointed that we could not bring you this game,” a spokesperson for the Seattle-based company said in a statement. said.

It was previously announced that Amazon spends $ 500 million annually on the game section. There were two games developed by the company, one of which was canceled today. The only game left right now is an MMO called New World. It was delayed several times, too, and thus lowered expectations considerably.

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