Amazon opens new game studio: Rainbow Six Siege developers to lead

Unable to catch up with what it wants in the game, Amazon is opening a new game studio in Montreal, and the studio will be headed by Rainbow Six Siege developers.

As you know, Amazon, which has been successful in many areas, has been making some breakthroughs in games for a while. Unfortunately, Amazon has not been able to get what it wanted in games for a while. A new game studio is coming from Amazon to address this issue.

Amazon currently has game studios in Seattle, Orange County and San Diego. A new studio is also opening to Montreal. This newly opened studio will be headed by the former developers of Rainbow Six Siege. The studio’s new game will be an online-focused multiplayer game.

Unfortunately, no details from the game have been shared. As we said, the names at the head of this new studio are the developers who are Ubisoft developers and working on Rainbow Six Siege. Luc Bouchard, Xavier Marquis, Alexandre Remy and Romain Rimokh will be at the head of the studio.

In the past weeks, it was announced that Amazon spends 500 million dollars a year on the game section. In particular, some problems within the studios were mentioned. We hope these issues are resolved and Amazon enters the gaming industry well. Apart from the new game mentioned in this news, Amazon is known to work on an MMORPG game named New World and The Lord of The Rings Online game. So all the games they are working on right now are online games.

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