Amazon announces Alexa compatible smart note printer

Amazon announced its smart sticky note printer. The new device is targeted to be delivered to users between July and September, while the price of the device is set at $ 115.

Although many devices have reached the status of ” smart ” thanks to the developing technology day by day , hand-written sticky notes are still being used. Now Amazon has announced its smart sticky note printer called “Smart Sticky Note Printer” .

As the name suggests, the device, which is called a thermal printer , does not require any ink, users simply put the paper rolls into the machine, and thus the desired printing process is carried out.

Voice commands

Various voice commands such as ” create shopping list “, ” create sudoku puzzle ” to be given to Alexa are detected by the device and thus the printer creates the note.

Thus, the note can be pasted on the computer monitor if desired, or used in various places .

The new device will be produced if a sufficient number of people are pre-ordered , so it will reach users between July and September .

The pre-order price of the new device was set at $ 115 .

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