Alfred Molina says the new Spider-Man movie will be a sequel to the old Spider-Man 2


 There have been some interesting developments regarding Spider-Man: No Way Home, whose filming was completed in the past weeks. Doctor Octopus in the old Spider-Man 2 movie made interesting statements.

Doctor Octopus

As you know, there is currently a Spider-Man movie series in collaboration with Disney and Sony. The shooting of the third film of this series has also ended in the past weeks, but Alfred Molina, one of the actors of the film, made interesting statements.

Alfred Molina, who portrayed Doctor Octopus in Spider-Man 2, the favorite Spider-Man movie of many viewers ,  will also be in the same role in Disney’s new Spider-Man movie . He also made a statement about the movie recently.

As anyone who has watched Spider-Man 2 will know, Doctor Octopus was dying at the end of the movie  . His presence in this movie is therefore extra interesting. No character dies in this universe, according to Alfred Molina He also said that the Doctor Octopus story of this movie  is just after the place that ends in Spider-Man 2 .

Spider-Man 3  will be  released on December 17, 2021 . All the names expected to be guests are: Jamie Foxx,  Benedict Cumberbatch ,  Tobey Maguire,  Kirsten Dunst,  Andrew Garfield,  Emma Stone , Alfred Molina, Charlie Cox,  Willem Dafoe  and Thomas Haden Church. Of these, Benedict Cumberbatch, Jamie Foxx and Alfred Molina have been officially approved. 

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