After 6 years, the third of the popular game series Hotline Miami may be coming

The third game of Hotline Miami, one of the most important names in the independent game industry, may be coming. You can find the details in our news.

The third game of the successful game series Hotline Miami , published by Devolver Digital and developed by Dennaton Games, can be shown at E3 .

We Could See Hotline Miami 3 at E3

The third game of the Hotline Miami series , the first game of which was released in 2012 and liked by many players especially with its gameplay and music, may be announced at E3 . Publishing company Devolver Digital recently made a post on its official Twitter account pointing to June 12, that is, E3  . In the post, the familiar face of the company,  Nina Struthers, is sitting at a table. There are many objects and writings around it. However, in the upper left part, something is written on the board, which cannot be read clearly.

When we remove the blurring of the text on the board , we can see that Hotline Miami is clearly written on the board . Apart from this, there are references to Hotline Miami in the notes around . Of course, this is only an inference, but considering that six years have passed since the second game, we can say why not a new game. 

However , let us remind you that Devolver Digital is a company that can make jokes to people . So such an image may have been shared as well.

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