According to rumors, Disney wants to buy DC Comics

Disney, Amazon, Netflix and Apple, according to the latest rumors; He wants to buy DC Comics. Disney, with Marvel in his hand, seems to be ahead of the talks. 

Nowadays, as you know, it has become quite popular for large companies to buy other companies. Especially in the entertainment industry, we have started to see such purchases constantly. The latest rumor seems to be a big purchase again .

Disney Wants to Buy DC Comics

There have been rumors in recent weeks that Disney will buy DC Comics , the brand that includes Batman, Superman and all other DC characters. Initially, the rumors were not full of rumors, but now rumors are coming from a few more sources from within . In the news made by OnSmash recently , it was revealed that there were several other companies that were not only Disney in this race . It is worth remembering that all these events are just rumors.

Disney isn’t the only company looking to buy DC Comics right now. Also,  Apple, Amazon and Netflix are in this race. However, it was said that Disney was particularly keen on this issue and  had met with AT&T . As you know, Warner Bros’ parent company  AT&T merged with Discovery . Many brands were also split in this merger.

It would be particularly interesting for Disney to buy DC Comics. Currently, Marvel is also on Disney, and they have now made Marvel one of the most popular brands. DC’s loss of blood that much can stop with this agreement. Nevertheless, let us remind you again that everything is rumor.

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