According to data in Indonesia, the CoronoVac vaccine produced by Sinovac is 94% effective.

In the study, in which 128,290 healthcare workers participated in Indonesia, healthcare workers were followed up for a 2-month period. According to the results, the vaccine; It prevents deaths by 98% and hospitalizations by 96%. 


While the coronavirus pandemic , which affects the whole world , continues, the results of various vaccines from various countries continue to be reported. Now, the results of the CoronaVac vaccine produced by the Sinovac company have been reported.

The study, in which 128,290 healthcare professionals participated in Indonesia, focused on employees in the capital Jakarta . The data of the employees , who were followed up from January to March, were analyzed and according to the results, the vaccine; It prevents deaths by 98%, and hospitalizations with serious illnesses by 96% .



While it was announced that the vaccine prevented symptomatic infections by 94%, the rate of the same vaccine preventing mortality on a smaller-scale group (23,374 people) was announced as 100%, in other words, the vaccine prevented 100% of deaths in the small group.

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