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A new video featuring Geralt from season 2 of The Witcher has been shared

Another video from the second season of the Netflix series The Witcher, whose shooting was completed in the past months, was shared. You can find the details in our news.

A new video has been shared from the second season of the series adaptation of The Witcher, which has a great popularity both in the game world and in the world of defensive novels  

The new video shared is just like the short Ciri video shared at the Geeked Week event . However, this time, Geralt of Rivia is playing the lead role, not Ciri . Here’s a brief look at some of the things Geralt will experience in the second season .

The new trailer of the series will most likely come at WitcherCon , which was also announced at Geeked Week . WitcherCon will be held on July 9th . Apart from the trailer, it is said that the release date of the series will also be shared. It is known that the series will be published this year, but as we said, the exact date is not clear . You can find the new video in question below.

The Witcher Series New Video

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