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A new trailer has been shared from Disney+ series What If…?, which will tell about alternative Marvel universes.

 A new trailer of What If…?, the animated series prepared by Marvel for Disney Plus, was shared and the net release date was announced. You can find the details in our news.

What If…? – AronBoss

As you know, Disney   built a cinematic universe for Marvel and expanded it with series. While Disney doesn’t have many projects outside of the main universe so far,  What If…?  He will also talk about different stories  with the animated series named  . A new trailer from this series was also shared recently.

In the shared trailer, we can see Spider-Man with Doctor Strange’s cloak or we can see a scene where the Avengers team mixes with the Guardians of The Galaxy team. What If…? As the name suggests, the animation will offer us different and entertaining alternatives to the  scenarios we know  . For example; Like Captain America being a zombie  or  T’Challa being Star Lord  . These scenarios will not be connected with the main universe and the  stories  seem to be finished in one episode .

In addition, the net release date of the series was announced along with the trailer . What If…? The animation will air weekly on Disney+ on August 11 . You can watch the trailer in question below.

What If…? New Trailer

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  1. After the end of Loki when the timekeeper was killed I knew that it was going to change everything going forward for the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe and it turns out I was right the what-if series will e based on the different universe created after female Loki killed the one who remained.

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