A lucky customer in the UK ordered an apple, received an iPhone SE as an apple

A lucky customer shopping at a UK supermarket has received a brand new iPhone SE on an apple order. What makes it even more interesting is that there is nothing wrong with it.

Interesting delivery errors have frequently been raised before. The outbreak of online shopping, especially with the coronavirus epidemic, resulted in a lot of delivery errors. So much so that a shopper who ordered an iPhone just recently received a work desk called an  iPhone . However, this time, a very different situation occurred.

IPhone SE gesture from the supermarket

50-year-old Nick James, who shopped on the website of a supermarket in the UK, came across an interesting surprise after he ordered an apple . The lucky customer, who goes to receive the products he ordered, suddenly faces a brand new iPhone SE found.

Quite surprised by his surprise, James expressed his happiness with the following words: “We went to take our online order on Wednesday evening, and there we got a little surprise: an Apple iPhone SE. It looks like we ordered an apple and got a random iPhone.”

It is stated that the supermarket chain distributes gifts to 80 different customers who order online in this way . Among the gifts distributed are products such as AirPods and Galaxy Fit 2 .

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